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Preparing to Return to Practice Resources

The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario released updated guidelines for returning to practice, May 27, 2020.

The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO), the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO), The College of Denturists of Ontario (CDO), and the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario (CDTO) have released ‘return to practice principles’ which provides an agreed upon foundation for the development or refinement of each College’s IPAC guideline as oral health-care providers plan and prepare for a safe return to practice.

Advisory Alerts

The following table lists recent recalls and safety alerts issued by Health Canada.

Date Category Issue
04/07/2021 Hand sanitizers (Part 2 Updated April 7th, 2021) Certain hand sanitizers are being recalled because they either contain ingredients that are not permitted by Health Canada or are not properly labelled and are missing important information.
01/22/2021 Hand sanitizers Hand sanitizers labelled as “Anti-Microbe” and/or with DIN 02248351 recalled because they may pose health risks, particularly to children.
12/22/2020 PPE Maskopia (formerly known as Medkem Canada Inc.) has been selling PPE, including gowns, masks and gloves, via social media and websites such as Kijiji without the required Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) from Health Canada.
12/16/2020 COVID-19 vaccines Health Canada warns Canadians not to buy COVID-19 vaccines sold online or from unauthorized sources.  Health Canada is warning Canadians not to buy COVID-19 vaccines sold on the internet or from unauthorized sources as they are counterfeit. Counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines may pose serious health risks, and are ineffective at protecting an individual from the COVID-19 virus.
12/11/2020 Hand sanitizers (Part 1: June 17, 2020 – March 24, 2021) Certain hand sanitizers are being recalled because they either contain ingredients that are not permitted by Health Canada or are not properly labelled and are missing important information.
10/28/2020 Hand sanitizers (Updated: January 29, 2021)  Testing confirms Bio Life hand sanitizer poses health risks; products recalled across Canada.
10/27/2020 Hand sanitizers Snake Lake Brewing Company Ethanol Sanitizer 80%. Missing risk statements; product not authorized to contain technical-grade ethanol.
10/01/2020 Hand sanitizers Northern National Sales Inc. is recalling a counterfeit version of Zytec Germ Buster hand sanitizer 1L.
08/05/2020 Hand sanitizers Health Canada recalling more than 50 hand sanitizers in evolving list.  Read article here.
07/03/2020 Hand sanitizers Hand sanitizers made with industrial-grade ethanol not authorized for use in Canada being recalled from the market.
06/24/2020 Hand sanitizers Hand sanitizers made with technical-grade ethanol not compliant with federal regulations and may pose a risk to health.
06/10/2020 Hand sanitizers Hand sanitizers sold in beverage containers may be mistaken for water or other beverages.
06/09/2020 Respirators Certain respirators, including KN95 respirators, may not meet expected performance standards in Canada.

**Coronavirus: Health Canada issues warning over counterfeit N95 respirators


Workplace Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplier Directory

The Ontario government’s Workplace PPE Supplier Directory and the Federal government’s Supply Hub provides reliable information on how to buy and sell PPE and offers a current list of Ontario companies that are ready to supply personal protective equipment.  Dental hygienists might find this a valuable resource if they are trying to access PPE outside their regular supply chain.

Additional PPE Resources

As dental hygienists prepare to return to practice in Ontario, there may be a need to access personal protective equipment (PPE) that is safe, effective and complies with Health Canada safety regulations.  ODHA is providing the following resources for general information purposes only and does not endorse or recommend any of the products or businesses listed below.  These suppliers are offering their products after contacting ODHA directly, or dental hygienists have sent the information to ODHA.  As regulated health professionals, dental hygienists are expected to exercise due diligence with the equipment they use.

  1. Rapid Response Platform – Platform connects suppliers of critical COVID-19 products with businesses and front-line workers in need. The site is free to use and acts as a central supply and demand hub, offering transparent and searchable information about PPE availability. Suppliers may offer products for donation or sale. No transactions take place on the platform.
  2. 3M – Personal protective equipment
  3. BriteHive Solutions – Genius Shield™, Aerosol Management System
    Contact: Don Johnston, P: 1.800.850.3112, [email protected]
  4. Canadian Linen and Uniform Service Co – Barrier gown rental laundry service
    Disposable vs rental cost comparison example
    Contact: Rob Eisan, (London), P: 519.686.5000, C: 519.902.4884
  5. Canadian Linen and Uniform Service Co – Barrier gown rental/purchase, face shields
    Contact: Lina Smart, (Hamilton), P: 905.661.6587, C: 289.775.7058
  6. CanGard – Certified N95 masks, face shields, gloves, masks
  7. Cintas– Disinfectant Spray and isolation/barrier gowns for rent
    Contact: Tyler Smith, P:  416.992.4814, [email protected]
  8. CHCare – Masks, face shields, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer
  9. D2DPPE – Gowns, masks, face shields, hand sanitizer
  10. Dialogue Imports – Gowns, masks, face shields
  11. Dorma Filtration – Reusable N99 mask
  12. DYMON Medical – KN95 face masks
    Contact: Vince Ambrico, P: 437 229 4238, [email protected]
  13. EmerDepot – Makrite N95 masks
  14. Fortiva Health  – NIOSH N95 Respirators (Makrite: 910-N95FMX and 9500-N95)
    Contact: Ramin Modir, [email protected] 
  15. Gerry Health Labs – Secure Shield face shield. Click here for more information.
  16. Grainger Canada – Face shields
  17. Gibson’s Cleaners, GTA (west-end) – L2 dental gowns and free pick up/delivery cleaning program specifically designed for dentists and other oral care providers
  18. Henry Schein
  19. Ideal Displays Inc. – Masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer
  20. Ines Di Santo – Level 1 reusable/washable isolation gowns
    Contact: Veronica Di Santo-Abramowicz, P: 905 856 9115, C: 416 451 3865
  21. Laminati PPE – Masks, respirators, face shields, hand sanitizer
  22. Levitt-Safety – Dentec Half-Mask NIOSH N95 Reusable Respirator Kit (referenced by Dr. Glogauer in the Managing COVID-19: Strategies to Mitigate the Risk of Transmission webcast)
  23. Maitri Health – Canadian-made PPE and healthcare supply platform
  24. Marks Commercial – Masks, face shields, hand sanitizer
    P: 1-855-592-7444, email: [email protected]
  25. Maxill – Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer
  26. Med Supply – Masks, gloves, gowns, disinfecting supplies
  27. Medicom – Masks, gowns, disinfecting supplies
  28. Patterson
  29. Polar Face Shields – Reusable/sterilizable face shield
  30. Safe Direct Medical Supplies – Masks, gowns, face shields, hand sanitizer
  31. Sales Dynamics Inc. – 5-in-1 tower air purifier, portable sanitizer, customized hand sanitizer (see promo)
    Contact: Letizia Buglione, P: 416.441.1721 ext 307, C: 647.686.1499, email: [email protected]
  32. Second Barrier – Face shields
  33. Shield Savvy – Face shields
  34. Sinclair – Masks, gowns
  35. SSECare Solutions – Masks, face shields
  36. Sure Grip – Face Shields
  37. The Canadian Shield – Face shields
  38. The Dental Market Canada – Masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer
  39. Weng Company Ltd – N95 respirators and nitrile gloves.  Exclusive 15% discount on masks, including N95 respirators, KN95 masks, and ASTM 1, 2, and 3 masks (eg. Use discount code “ODHA” for 15% off all orders).  Health Canada-approved medical-grade nitrile gloves (priced at 22.99 / box of 100).
    Contact:  Justin Weng, P: 647.642.8827, [email protected] 
  40. Whitebird – Face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer
  41. LEO Lab – 3D printed Health Canada approved face shields (see images below).
    P: 1-647-494-0488, Toll Free: 1-855-LEO-LAB1 (536-5221)