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Your Typical Appointment

Many people wonder what to expect during an appointment with the dental hygienist. During your visit, the dental hygienist will:

  • have prepared for your appointment to ensure your safety
  • review your chart and medical history
  • review your current medical status with you – there are many medical conditions and medications that may influence dental hygiene treatment
  • examine your head and neck for abnormalities
  • examine your tongue, gums, teeth and all other areas of your mouth
  • measure the attachment of the gums to your teeth (probing)
  • record all findings on your chart
  • take prescribed radiographs (x-rays) and interpret them for dental hygiene purposes
  • scale your teeth using hand or mechanical instruments removing hard and soft deposits (plaque and tarter)
  • polish your teeth, if needed, to remove stains
  • if needed:
    • apply fluoride to strengthen teeth
    • apply agents to desensitize teeth
    • apply pit and fissure sealants to seal grooves for decay prevention


  • customize an oral care program for you – you will be informed on, and given advice about matters related to your oral health including nutrition, smoking cessation and plaque control and the use of various oral care products, their purpose and effective use.