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A message from the President: Going forward together

It’s an exciting time to be a dental hygienist and to be serving as President of one of the largest health-care professions in Ontario.  Our goal is to continue to grow our membership and to advocate for our members — one depends on the other.

For instance, a large membership increases our ability to advocate for our members and strengthen our position when we bring oral health issues forward to the Ontario government where health-care decisions are made.  Whether we are working to change legislation, support a regulation or represent dental hygiene on a health-care issue or policy, we need a strong united voice.

The proof is in our history, when dental hygiene became self-regulated 20 years ago.  That paved the way for the ODHA to achieve self-initiation in 2007, opening doors for dental hygienists to practise independently and consider different career opportunities.  Without large membership support, we could not have achieved these milestones.

Our efforts to represent members and advance the profession continue as we move forward to have the Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act (HARP) amended to allow dental hygienists to prescribe radiographs and be recognized as radiation protection officers (RPOs).  We are also working to enable dental hygienists to provide local anesthesia, treat their spouses and to make sure members are working to the fullest extent of their scope of practice.

More and more dental hygienists are realizing the importance of belonging to their provincial Association.  Building a strong membership can influence the direction of the profession and together we can continue to accomplish great things to advance the profession.  Our membership numbers also give ODHA the ability to negotiate a wide range of membership services and benefits for your personal and professional growth.

I invite you to join the ODHA to become part of a dynamic association and learn more about the value of membership.  It’s an opportunity for you to share your ideas, concerns and experience – and to invest in the future of your profession. Want more information? Contact Donna Hood at: ODHA and Click here to join ODHA today.