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Three new online learning courses have been added to ODHA’s professional development online learning platform.

If you purchased ODHA membership by the October 31st deadline, these courses have been added to your account and they are yours all free – our thank you gifts for choosing ODHA, your provincial professional association. To access the courses simply login to your ODHA account, select my account, my courses. 

Presented by Dr. Mariana Leon, DDS, RDH and sponsored by Colgate

Not only can xerostomia cause discomfort for clients, it can also place them at higher risk for caries, periodontitis, oral fungal infections, and acid erosion. This course discusses the role of saliva in oral health, causes of xerostomia, and complications due to a reduction in saliva. Prevention and management of oral complications of xerostomia and palliative treatment are included.

Presented by Dr. Michael Glogauer, DDS, PhD, Dip. Perio and sponsored by Philips

The oral microbiome consists of the microbiological constituents that inhabit the mouth. This course focuses on the current understanding of this microbiome in health and disease and how it can be used to individualize oral care, stratify disease risk, and develop and optimize new therapies which will change dental care in the future.

Presented by Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta, DDS and sponsored by Johnson&Johnson Inc.

Good health involves having good oral health. What happens to the rest of the body when there is poor oral health? This engaging course will discuss how oral inflammation can affect systemic health. You will learn the latest evidence about the oral-systemic link and how to optimize your clients’ health using this knowledge.