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History of the ODHA

Established in 1963 the ODHA is a non-profit organization that represents the interests and needs of member dental hygienists in Ontario.

One of the largest of the regulated health professions, dental hygiene has been recognized and practiced as a profession for over 50 years.

ODHA Mission Statement

To advance dental hygienists as primary care providers in the interests of the profession and the public in Ontario.


Oral health for all Ontarians


The ODHA values and embodies an ongoing commitment to:

  • Visionary Leadership, in health care and health promotion;
  • Accountability, Transparency, and Effective Communication throughout the organization;
  • Life-Long Learning and Research, for all our members; and
  • Ethical Behaviour, Empathy and Inclusiveness, by our Board and staff.

Strategic Priorities – 2020 through 2023

1A – Ensure that ODHA can optimally serve its members with stable, well-run operations and excellence in governance
1B – Increase ODHA’s financial resources through membership, non-dues revenues and corporate sponsorship strategies
1C – Enhance members’ perception of ODHA’s strong value proposition through consistent, targeted communication strategies
2 – Continue to advocate efficiently and effectively in the best interests of our members, the profession and the public
3 – Invest in a public awareness campaign
4 – Continue to expand and adapt ODHA’s education program and member services

Our Organization

The ODHA is governed by a Board of Directors of eleven volunteers – 2 officers (President and President Elect) and 9 regional directors. The Board meets four times a year in February, May, August and November.

The organizational system, or infrastructure, allows members to provide input that helps to establish policy and direction for their professional Association. This way, the Board takes its direction from the grassroots – the membership.

The ODHA provides a full range of benefits and service that meet members’ needs personal and professional growth The include professional development, advocacy, promotion of the profession, insurance plans, communication vehicle, and information on employment issues.

Located in Burlington, Ontario, the ODHA administrative staff includes a full-time executive director and four staff members. The President of the ODHA serves a one-year term, elections are held the annual general meeting in May.

Contact us at [email protected]

Public Awareness

During the year, the ODHA launches an aggressive multi-media campaign to promote the profession of dental hygiene and the roles and responsibilities of dental hygienists.  The campaign includes print, radio and TV advertising.