ODHA Membership Benefits and Services 2018-2019

  • Corporate memberships

    Corporate memberships at GoodLife Fitness Clubs and Women's Fitness

  • Family entertainment

    Family entertainment including movie tickets, admission to Canada's Wonderland and events offered by Perkopolis

  • Free advice through Legal-Line

    Free advice through Legal-Line, covering a wide range of issues from employment to family

  • Credit card/debit transactions

    Credit card/debit transactions for business owners

  • Advent Mortgage Services

    Advent Mortgage Services and a real estate referral service

  • Merchandise

    Merchandise at Mark's Imagewear, ONE TOOTH Activewear, Staples Advantage, The Brick and Perkopolis, Alignmed Posture Shirt, and Agio Compression Hosiery and Sport Socks

  • Online courses, webinars and webcasts

    Choose from a number of online and face-to-face professional development, available at special rates or free for members

  • Corporate-sponsored seminars

    Choose from a number of online and face-to-face professional development, available at special rates or free for members

  • Re-energize Conference

    It's PD at its best - an event not to be missed!

  • Website resources/career opportunities, surveys and advice

    Venues, programs and tools to represent and promote the profession, and keep members informed and involved

ODHA... achieved self-initiation allowing me to work for myself.
John Doe

ODHA has our back, especially when it comes to malpractice
Jane Doe

Because I'm a professional and live and work in Ontario
Jimmy Doe


A message from the President

Saving money is always a good thing! You could be using a number of ODHA services to save you considerable time and money — from planning a trip and organizing a mortgage or joining a fitness club. Maybe you’ve been putting off your quality assurance audit and the deadline is fast approaching.

ODHA can help with these and more when you sign up or renew as a member. A CAA membership, merchandise discounts, mortgage services, Fitness clubs and QA Coach are just a few of the cost-saving services ODHA offers its members.

The most important benefit is malpractice insurance, which is included in your membership fee at no extra cost. You may never have a claim against you, but with the most comprehensive insurance coverage comes peace of mind knowing everything you have built as a health-care professional is protected.

Members also pay lower fees for online professional development and the Re-energize conference, to be held September 28-29, 2018 in Hamilton. Meanwhile, there is no charge for the fall webcast learning experience or the spring ProvinciaLINK meetings.

I encourage you to serve on a committee, attend a ProvinciaLINK, get involved in the political lobbying process or you might even consider assuming a leadership role in the governance of the ODHA. It’s an opportunity for you to share your ideas, concerns and experience – and to invest in the future of your profession. Want more information? Contact Donna Hood at ODHA.

2018-2019 President: Ann Guiden RDH