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2 New Free Online Courses

2.5 hours of quality content plus layered learning resources

Gen Z: Choices and Challenges – 1.5 hours – Sponsored by Philips
Gen Z, the global generation, engage in multiple platforms of social media. This course identifies and addresses how these platforms influence a teen’s venturous decisions. You will learn about timely topics relating to Gen Z like oral and overall health issues associated with nutrition, obesity, eating disorders, substance abuse and recognize various risk behaviours.

Clinical Management of Dentin Hypersensitivity – 1 hour – Sponsored by Colgate
Learning objectives include:

  • Description of the factors which contribute to dentin hypersensitivity
  • Identify the types of pain stimuli which elicit hypersensitive reactions
  • Understand the ways in which desensitization agents act to decrease sensitivity and evaluate treatment options to plan an evidence based
  • In-office and/or home care plan for your client to control or treat hypersensitivity