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This presentation provides a broad overview of the structure of dental practice sales and the impact upon employment relationships. Particular attention is paid to share purchase deals versus asset purchase deals, and the corresponding impact upon dental hygienists. Given the possibility that a dental hygienist could be terminated following the sale of a dental practice, their termination entitlements are also examined.

95gmyhrlBiography – Patrizia Piccolo B.A., LL.B., Partner

Patrizia provides strategic advice to both large and small employers and their human resources and management teams. Patrizia also advises employers on employment-related regulatory issues, including compliance with the Employment Standards Act, 2000, Human Rights Code, Labour Relations Act, 1995 and Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997.

Patrizia is dedicated to providing her clients with excellent legal counsel and client service. With 20 years of experience, Patrizia’s primary focus is providing her clients with a “buffet table of options” and then guiding them to find the best solution to their specific issues. Patrizia is able to take the complex and convert it to something that is accessible. Patrizia prides herself on instilling confidence and empowerment in her clients, while also earning their friendship and trust.

Whether advising employers or employees, Patrizia’s practice covers all aspects of the employment relationship from hiring, performance management, workplace restructuring, termination and post-employment contractual breaches.