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Ethical Decision Making for the Dental Hygienist – Available November 1, 2018

Ethical practice is the foundation of the dental hygiene profession. This course will facilitate ethical decision making while encouraging problem solving and critical thinking. The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario Code of Ethics and an ethical decision-making model will be introduced to assist with self-evaluation, reflection and accountability.

Dental Hygiene is Hard on Your Body:  The Pain You Didn’t See Coming – Available November 15, 2018

Understand the risks for carpal tunnel syndrome, and current prevention and possible treatment(s). Learn about musculoskeletal disorders that arise from poor working postures or ergonomics. Understand the reason to use loupes and magnification devices to attain better head/neck and lower back posture, and reduce the potential for musculoskeletal pain and injury. Know how a healthy daily lifestyle and exercise routines will reduce the potential for acute and chronic injury, and allow for a longer, more productive career.

An Aging Society:  Staggering Statistics & Implications for A Dental Practice (sponsored by Johnson & Johnson) – Available December 1, 2018

The numbers are staggering.  Canada is an aging society.  Do you know what those numbers mean to the health care system – and the potential effects on dentistry and dental hygiene?  See what the future is likely to look like and how this will affect a practice.  Understand the collateral health issues that your clients may face.  Learn how to identify and manage those issues, while managing their oral health, so you can support your patients’ health, lower their risks of infection, and improve the overall quality of their lives.