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FREE and NEW to the online professional development learning platform, Termination 101 and The Right to be Accommodated are timely additions to ODHA’s growing legal library.

Presented by ODHA’s employment legal counsel, Patrizia Piccolo, LL.B, of Piccolo Heath LLP, both courses offer insight into legal rights and entitlements on these important employment scenarios, and includes information on the current COVID-19 situation.

Termination 101
Learn about how termination law works in Ontario including employee versus independent contractor termination entitlements; minimum standards; common law entitlements and the impact of properly drafted termination clauses in employment agreements.

The Right to be Accommodated
Learn about your right as an employee to be accommodated in the workplace. Patrizia discusses the right to be accommodated under Ontario Human Rights legislation with examples relating to disability and family status.  She also discusses how far an employer must go when they are required to accommodate and when they can say they’ve reached the point of undue hardship (meaning they’ve gone far enough).

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