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ODHA members have the opportunity to build an amazing online community of dental hygienists, who will collectively strengthen the profession by building a network that will be a great resource for members now and years to come.

To access the ODHA Social Hub simply click on the “My Account” link and select the “Social Hub” tab.  Scroll down here to see a video on how to “build your profile” as your first step.

Sharing your professional public page

Your professional public page is a powerful online tool that you can use to promote your dental hygiene skills, experience or your practice.

Learn how to share your public page with others in the new step-by-step video below.



Build your professional public page

Your public page has built-in features specific to the dental hygiene profession that you won’t find on any other social platform, making it a value online resource to promote your skills and services.



Adding a profile and cover picture

Once in your profile (see above), select Profile Picture from the options menu on the left. Click Select Your File and select your profile image. Slide the selection frame to select the desired area of the image to use for your profile picture. Once you’re happy with the selection, click Crop Image just to the right. Your image will now appear in your profile.



Build your profile

Building and updating your profile is easy, simply click Settings > Profile Setup from the top menu bar. Once in profile setup, you can select profile information, contact information, profile picture, profile cover, and social networks if you wish from the links.


Joining groups
Groups will be key in building your network and connecting with other members who have similar interests and areas of expertise.

To view the groups currently available, select Groups from the top menu. You will see all the available groups. To join a group, simply click the Join Group button for any public group. To get things started, ODHA has created a number of public groups for members to join.

If a group is private, the button will say Request Membership. The group administrator will review and approve your membership to the group.

Create a group
You can also create a group, whether public or private, for other ODHA Social Hub members to join. To create a new group, select Groups from the top menu, then select Create a New Group, and fill in all the information to set up and create the group to your preferences.